ISO Certification for Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS Companies

ISO Certification for Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS Companies

American Global continues to serve companies in a variety of industries and locations. AGS has recently certified a company in the circuit boards, cable and wire hardnesses, and electromechanical box industry located in Arizona.

AS9100:2016 Rev D

Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards, Cable and Wire Harnesses and Electromechanical Box Builds

Arizona, USA

The electronics manufacturing industry is responsible for more than $1 trillion dollars in the content of final sales, spread across:

  • Business investment and inventory change ($426.6 billion)
  • Personal consumption ($306.5 billion)
  • Exports ($223.9 billion)
  • Federal defense ($37.8 billion)
  • Other government spending ($48.1 billion)

Ten states have more than 100,000 workers each because of the electronics manufacturing sector, led by California and Texas, and electronics manufacturing employees average about $127,000 in total labor income, which is more than double the national average compensation of $60,820. Electronics manufacturing employees also earn more than the average manufacturing employee, who earns $83,000 a year.

The largest subsectors of electronics manufacturing, ranked by output, are computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing; and navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing, which together make up over 73 percent of the total.  

American Global Standards (AGS) is a leading provider of certification solutions for businesses across various industries. As part of our certification services, AGS provides AS9100:2016 Rev D certification, which helps companies in the electronics manufacturing industry to ensure that their products meet the high quality standards expected by their customers.