Save Your Company Thousands Annually

Minimum savings: $2,000 and up to $50,000 annually

Save Top Management Valuable Time

Remove assessment – No on-site meeting with auditor(s) required

Satisfy Customers Who Require ISO 9001

Thousands of companies have switched to AGS Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™

Market Your Company as ISO-9001 Certified

Eliminate perceived advantage of certified competitors

Total Fee: $875 to $1970 Per Year

Depending On Company Size & Scope of Operations

No travel expenses, No other fees!

Benefits of an effective QMS certified by American Global Standards

  • Optimized company structure and operational integration
  • Improved awareness of company objectives
  • Improved communications and quality information
  • Responsibilites and authorities clearly defined
  • Improved traceability to ‘root causes’ of problems
  • Improved utilization of time and materials
  • Formalized systems ensure consistent quality and punctual delivery
  • Improved records in case of litigation
  • Documented system provides useful reference and training tool
  • Fewer rejects, therefore, less repeated work and warranty costs
  • Errors rectified at the earliest stage and not repeated
  • Improved relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Improved control during periods of change or growth
  • Use of recognized logo on stationary and advertisements
  • Improved corporate quality image
  • Ability to bid for ISO 9001/14001 contracts at home and abroad
  • Continuous quality assessment by experienced professionals
  • Reduced number of customer audits