January 25, 2022

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (January 25, 2022) – The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) announced today that American Global Standards (AGS) joined its fold of best-in-class partners. AGS is a leading registrar of Quality, IT Security and Environmental management systems to ISO 9001, 27001 & 14001 internationally recognized standards and is now the Official ISO Certification Company of SVRA. The company provides independent, third-party assessments of management systems for all industries.

“I am very enthusiastic about investment relationships like AGS because they are strategic,” said Tony Parella, SVRA president and CEO. “AGS already has customers among our race team owners. Our SpeedTour paddock is chock-full of high-net-worth individuals. A good percentage of them are business owners and executives with customer sets requiring ISO certification from their vendors. AGS makes it efficient and profitable for them to meet those requirements. We strive to foster partnership agreements to create a B2B ecosystem that delivers tremendous value for everyone involved.”

AGS brings top expertise in meeting the all-important requirements of ISO certification. ISO certification is essential for many companies for a supplier to do business with their firms. Not only do customers demand ISO quality assurance from the suppliers they do business with, but also going through the process is consistent with management best practices. Certified businesses realize significant cost savings by removing time-consuming review burdens from top management, organizing and improving the efficiency of their processes, and engraining a systemic continuous improvement culture.

“As a vintage racer, I fully appreciate the robust business-to-business environment Tony has created in the SVRA paddock,” said Stephen S. Keneally, AGS president. “Racers are inherently competitive people always looking for an edge. That’s what we provide our clients at AGS. We ensure they can meet the fundamental requirements of their customers for doing business with them and identify opportunities to continuously improve the efficiencies of their operations. We at AGS operate with the clear purpose of helping companies excel.”

SpeedTour’s nationwide platform is at the heart of the organization’s growth strategy. AGS joins other top-brand companies on the growing list of partners highly visible at SpeedTour event weekends, in SpeedTour Quarterly magazine, and various SpeedTour websites and social media platforms. Among these partners are Lucas Oil, NetJets, Sunoco, Avis, Big Machine Vodka,, RACELOGIC, Mission Foods, Hawk Performance, FAST, Marathon Coach, WeatherTech, Summit Racing Equipment, and CG Detroit.

About Sportscar Vintage Racing Association:

SVRA is the largest vintage racing organization in the world. A typical event has several hundred vintage race cars representing over 100 years of automotive history on the track. The drivers of these race cars are high net-worth, prominent professionals. In 2022, SVRA will host 22 events at some of the most iconic race tracks in North America, including Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sebring International Raceway, Watkins Glen International, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway, and Circuit of The Americas, among others. This nationwide footprint has over 312,000,000 Americans living within 200 miles of our events.

American Global Standards (AGS) announces its exclusive Virtual Cert™ and ASRP Program™ 

September 2019

American Global Standards (AGS) announces its exclusive Virtual Cert™ and ASRP Program™ (Advanced Surveillance & Recertification Program) has been upgraded for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The reason for developing this program is simple: to save our customers thousands of dollars annually and top manager’s valuable time. Total cost of Virtual Cert and ASRP Program™ is $875.00-$1975.00 per year depending on company size & scope of operations for companies who transfer with an existing certification.

We realize in today’s market place, the value of ISO 9001 certification varies from company to company, for some it is a requirement to do business, for the others its value has been minimized as “lower echelon” competitors have become certified.

HOW Virtual Cert ASRP PROGRAM™ WORKS: The AGS Virtual Cert ASRP Program™ is based on the Advanced Surveillance & Recertification Program™ Customers will be issued certificates good for three years based upon their existing certification and annual review by AGS of their Internal Audit & Management Review Meeting Summaries. No onsite audit is required.

AGS will likely visit your facility at least once in the three year certification period. This visit is to confirm implementation of the clients system and is not a time consuming, “non-value added” “audit-to find –fault” exercise.

AGS is accredited by the American International Accreditation Organization- Bureau of Accredited Registrars ( an independent, trade organization.

AGS has certified over 2000 companies in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea & India. AGS accredited certificates are recognized worldwide.

AGS Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™ is a cost-effective and viable alternative to the “policeman” approach of other registrars. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Steve Keneally, President

September 2019