ISO 9001 Certification Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™

ISO 9001 Certification Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™

Save Thousands On Your ISO 9001 Certification

Our customer-first approach to ISO 9001 certification begins with delivering substantial annual savings to our esteemed customers while also preserving invaluable time for top managers.

Why Choose Our ASRP Program™?

We understand that the value of ISO 9001 certification can vary among companies so here is a list of a reasons to transfer your ISO 9001 certification to the American Global Standards ASRP Program

  1. Cost savings: Low fees and no costly on-site audits save money.
  2. Time efficiency: Remote sessions allow you to focus on your business.
  3. Value-added assessments: Identify and rectify issues for improved quality.
  4. Sample on-site audits: Ensures compliance at no extra cost.
  5. Customer service-oriented: AGS prioritizes your satisfaction.
  6. Trusted accreditation: AGS is accredited by AIAO-BAR.
  7. Streamlined process: Quick and efficient certification.
  8. Support and guidance: Assistance throughout the process.

AGS Virtual Cert ASRP Program™ is a cost-effective and viable alternative to the “policeman” approach of other registrars.

We “changed ISO registration…to AGS creating a three year savings of $9950 on fees, plus outside auditors’ expenses for travel and ten days and seven nights of room and meals.”

– Greg P. Design, Manufacture & Distribution of Pre-Cast Concrete Products

Risk-Free Consultation

See what you can save on your ISO certification!

What Makes The ISO 9001 Certification Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™ Unique?

The AGS Virtual Cert ASRP Program™ is based on the IAF Mandatory Document for Advanced Surveillance & Recertification Procedures Issue 1 (IAF MD3:2008). Customers will be issued certificates valid for three years based upon their existing certification and annual review by AGS of their Internal Audit & Management Review Meeting Summaries per the AGS Virtual Cert ASRP Program™.

The Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™ offers these key differences and features:

  1. Online Process: The entire certification process is conducted online, eliminating the need for physical visits and paperwork.
  2. Cost and Time Savings: AGS provides a cost-effective and efficient certification program, saving customers money and management time. Statistical sampling is used to confirm system implementation, reducing non-value-added activities.
  3. Three-Year Certification: Certificates issued by the Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™ are valid for three years. Annual reviews of Internal Audit & Management Review Meeting Summaries are conducted to maintain certification, reducing the frequency of recertification processes.

AGS Virtual Cert ASRP Program™ calls for statistical sampling of all AGS ASRP Program™ certified customers and allows for AGS to visit your facility with partnership and process focus approach. These sample audits are to confirm implementation of the clients system and is not a time consuming, “non-value added” exercise. There is no cost to the AGS ASRP™ certified customer if chosen for a sample on-site visit.


– Stephen Keneally, President at American Global Standards

About American Global Standards?

AGS is accredited by the American International Accreditation Organization, Bureau of Accredited Registrars (AIAO-BAR) an independent, trade organization with the same authority as any other accreditation body. AIAO has accredited registration in Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Central Asian Countries, Canada, England (UK), Mexico, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Top 5 Benefits of Joining AGS for your ISO 9001 Certification

1. Save Your Company Thousands Annually: Minimum savings: $2,000 and up to $50,000 annually

2. Save Top Management Valuable Time: Remove assessment – No on-site meeting with auditor(s) required

3. Satisfy Customers Who Require ISO 9001: Thousands of companies have switched to AGS Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™

4. Market Your Company as ISO-9001 Certified: Eliminate perceived advantage of certified competitors

5. Total Fee: $875 to $1970 Per Year Depending On Company Size & Scope of Operations: No travel expenses, No other fees!

Our Clients

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See What Our Customers Have To Say About AGS

“Great! Thank you! I wasn’t even expecting [our certificates] so soon, so I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of service with American Global Standards!”

– Kimberly D., Manufacture of Metal Products

“Over the past several years…we have had several different auditors and everyone has a different opinion…the amount of money it costs our company to fly someone in and have them audit us is an expense we would like to cut down…it makes it difficult when different auditors come in…we work very hard for a year correcting what someone has said is wrong, for the next person to come in and say the way we had things is better…I see [American Global Standards] as being a great opportunity for our company to save money while still being…ISO certified”

– Corey H, Precision Machined Parts

We “changed ISO registration…to AGS creating a three year savings of $9950 on fees, plus outside auditors’ expenses for travel and ten days and seven nights of room and meals.”

– Greg P. Design, Manufacture & Distribution of Pre-Cast Concrete Products

“I am not only impressed that you responded so quickly but that you trust that with some amendments we will be in conformance with the ISO Standard. When [others] used to come and audit us each year, after they were gone it would take at least four to six weeks to even get our certificate and that was with a lot of pushing. It was refreshing to feel like a valued customer.”

– Donna M., Products for Commercial Construction

“I am the ISO M.R. for [our company]. I spoke with you a few years back. We are frustrated with the rising costs and “make work” changes needed to maintain our ISO Registration, especially with a 14+ year old system…that has remained virtually the same and has never had issues with any surveillance audit or re-certification audit…attached [are] a few documents to get things started…”

– Jim P., Custom Lithography

“Having ISO certification is a big step for me to move forward and to grow. I am getting into the higher-end type of customer that I am trying to do work for…it will be an advantage that I [will] have over the competition. Thanks again…for everything. Your time, efforts, and most of all, your patience has been stellar.

– Patrick M., Metal Fabrication

“I just received the ISO flag you sent to us. It is absolutely GREAT!! Thank you so much. We will fly it with pride and hopefully others…will see it and change to your company for their certification. We are pleased with American Global Standards and…also enjoyed working with you.

– Wilma B., Packaging & Assembly of Fastener Kits

Everything is fine! Certificates look great. The plants are comfortable with the process. I think we are on the right track. ”

– Joyce R, Production of Meat & Poultry Products