ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Semiconductor and Electrical Component Distribution & Testing Company in New York

ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Semiconductor and Electrical Component Distribution & Testing Company in New York

Semiconductors and other electrical components are crucial in today’s world. Without them, we wouldn’t have most of the technological advancements we use every day. 

Distribution and testing companies play a vital role in bridging the gap between component manufacturers and those who produce the end devices. 

Since distributors and testers deal with many different manufacturers, you must have a solid Quality Management System (QMS). Otherwise, you could risk recalls and refunds in an industry already experiencing product shortages

Product recalls can cost your business billions of dollars as it did with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 meltdown—and much more in share price declines.

But how can you create a robust QMS to avoid potential losses? 

Get your ISO 9001:2015 certification in New York State like our client who specializes in manufacturing, testing, and distributing semiconductors and other electronic components.

Benefits of the ISO 9001:2015 certification

The ISO 9001 certification provides electrical component distributors and testers with a practical QMS that meets international standards. 

By following these standards, your business will have an easy-to-follow QMS that benefits both your business and your customers—no matter how big your business is.

Benefits for your business include: 

  • Increased efficiency during quality assessments by having a repeatable process. 
  • Better reputation with suppliers and customers.
  • Fewer returns and refunds due to poor-quality products.
  • Revenue increases due to high-quality products and fewer errors.

Benefits for your customers include: 

  • Consistent, high-quality products that perform as they’re supposed to.
  • Fewer manufacturing disruptions because of poor products.
  • Increased satisfaction and peace of mind. 
  • Improved reputation with their customers due to using high-quality parts.

Get your ISO 9001:2015 certification in New York State today

Our client, who offers manufacturing, testing, and distribution of semiconductors and other electronic components, got their ISO 9001 certification and now enjoys the peace of mind that they have a stringent yet easy-to-follow QMS. 

Between protecting their business from potentially catastrophic recalls and improving their products and reputation with their customers, they saw certification as a must. 

At AGS, we pride ourselves on making ISO 9001:2015 certification straightforward. We don’t require on-site meetings, and you can even switch to our AGS Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™, like thousands of other companies. 

So if you’re looking to become the go-to supplier in your marketplace and: 

  • Improve your product quality to international standards, 
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Improve your operating efficiency.

Don’t let product recalls cost your business billions of dollars. Take the first step in protecting your business and enhancing your reputation with customers by getting your ISO 9001:2015 certification in New York State.

At AGS, we make the certification process simple and convenient. No on-site meetings required! Switch to our AGS Virtual Cert™ ASRP Program™ and join the thousands of companies who have already improved their product quality to international standards