Usage of AGS Marks

Usage of AGS Marks

Use of AIAO-BAR Mark and the AGS Certification Mark/Logo

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The purpose of this document is to define the limitations of the use of the AGS Certification Mark/Logo and the AIAO-BAR EMS/QMS Accreditation Marks.


Applicable to all companies approved by AGS for EMS/QMS under the terms of accreditation granted to AGS by AIAO-BAR.


3.1 Firms approved by AGS for EMS/QMS under the auspices of AIAO-BAR are entitled to use the Mark/Logo in association with the appropriate AGS Certification Mark as shown below:

3.1.1 An approved company can only use the AIAO-BAR Mark/Logo as an integral part of AGS’s Certification Mark/Logo.

3.2 Following receipt of a AGS Approval Certificate approved companies are entitled to use the appropriate Mark/Logo under the conditions detailed below:

  1. The AGS Certification Mark/Logo may be reproduced in any size. The configuration shown in Paragraph 3.1 must be strictly adhered to.
  2. When using the AGS Certification/AIAO-BAR Marks together, the size of the AIAO-BAR mark must not exceed the size of the AGS Mark/Logo.
  3. The AGS Certification and AIAO-BAR Marks must not be used to represent activities outside of the approved company’s scope of approval.
  4. The AGS Certification Mark may only be reproduced as follows:
  1. In any color of the documents printing (special colors other than customers colors are not required)
  2. In Royal Blue, or Teal as specified in Graphic Code PMS 320 or PMS 321.
  3. In Gold, or in the predominant color of the document’s printing.
  4. In a color that is in clear contrast with the background color, enough to clearly identify and display the entire mark.
  5. In a size which makes all features clearly distinguishable.
  • The mark may be embossed into the material described above.
  • The AIAO-BAR EMS/QMS Accreditation Mark shall be reproduced:
  1. In Black, or in Gold, or in the predominant color of the letterhead or printing, or any contrasting color.
  2. On a clearly contrasting background; the Mark may be reversed (i.e., negative of the above example) provided the background on which it is displayed is dark enough to clearly identify and display the entire mark; in a size which makes all features clearly distinguishable.


The AGS and AIOA-BAR Mark/Logos may be used on product packaging per the above guidelines, but not in a way suggesting product approval, as they apply only to Environmental/Quality Management Systems approval.

Misuse of the Marks/Logos (or Certificate) will result in the following actions:

  1. Innocent misuse – immediate withdrawal of the offending literature by the Client or suspension of the approval until misuse is rectified. If action is not taken to rectify the misuse within a reasonable time, the approval will be withdrawn.
  2. Negligent/Fraudulent Misuse – withdrawal of approval together with publication of the reason for withdrawal. Misuse is deemed negligent/fraudulent where the Mark/Logo is knowingly or carelessly misused. Repeated “innocent” misuse would be deemed negligent.


In the event that approval is withdrawn, the Client shall immediately cease use and distribution of any literature, stationery, etc., bearing the Mark/Logo. Artwork supplied and copies of approval certificates are to be returned to AGS.


Correct use of the AGS Certification and AIAO-BAR Marks/Logos (or Certificate) is a contractual obligation that the Client undertakes to comply with as per AGS’s Standard Contract.

Where the AGS Certification and AIAO-BAR Marks/Logos have been used by the Client, their use is to be reviewed at all surveillance and triennial visits to ensure that their use is correct and in accordance with procedures issued to the company. Any misuse of logos should be brought to the attention of the company and included in the remarks section of the surveillance report. (Although the approved company in some instances may have up to the date logos, they may still have stationery/brochures showing the previously issued AGS Certification and AIAO-BAR logos).

In this instance, it is permissible for the company to continue use of the previously issued logos on the understanding that the new logos must be used at the next printing.


All AGS approved/certified companies may submit proofs of advertising or promotional materials which depicts the AGS Certification and AIAO-BAR logos to AGS for the following purposes:

To ensure that the correct logos are shown and are being used in accordance with this SOP.